About Us

Pretty Glam Special, Inc. was created from a continuing desire to create beautiful things. We collaborate with other artists in different ways to put interesting things out into the universe from a creative, spiritual and global perspective. It is our desire to limit our limitations, so to speak, by forgoing mass-market retailers and keeping our company vertical to maintain creative control. By doing this, you, the consumer, receives exactly what the artists visualize in their dream world, without the filter of corporate brands. After years of hard work, dedication, travel, tears, love, drama and many lessons learned in this classroom of life, we bring you exactly what we want to bring you. We hope you enjoy this limited edition wearable art as much as we do. Each piece has been made with love and integrity to bring you truly unique, wearable art.

Each piece has a hand-numbered hangtag. We leave it up to you to do with it what you wish, whether that’s keeping your investment and letting it appreciate, or wearing it to create your own style. We want to see our creations come to life! Send us photos.

PGS Team

rachaelpicRachael is the Curator for Pretty Glam Special. She is a Fashion Designer who has always been an advocate for self-expression. She considers herself a Southerner by birth, and a New Yorker by destiny. At 16, she had a sticker on her car that said, “It’s art. Don’t fu*k with it.” And that’s exactly how she feels…art is in the eye of both the creator and the beholder. We are who we say we are, and it’s up to no one but ourselves to define that. She loves yoga and is obsessed with the ocean. Rachael is a wanderluster, art lover and apparel designer with 20 years of experience. She is considered an Intimate Apparel Expert in the industry. She currently resides in Los Angeles. For artist participation or styling questions contact Rachael at rachael@prettyglamspecial.com.
Radeo is the Creative Development Assistant. She helps with coordinating self-expressionists. As a lover of art, travel and all things space-related she continues to explore and seek un-encountered territories. While always ready for the next adventure, she never looses sight of her Midwestern roots. No matter what state she wakes up in, she always knows what time it is in Indiana. She currently resides between Portland and Los Angeles. You never know when you might just spot her out and about with a robot friend or two. For general or administrative questions contact Radeo at radeo@prettyglamspecial.com.
rob bio picRob is head of the business advisory board. He is a finance guru, world traveler and will probably beat you at beer pong. Contact Rob at rob@prettyglamspecial.com